Much adieu? about game systems

A confession: I missed out on Joyner Library’s very first video game night, and I certainly regret it.

I cannot wait for the next event, though, and if I might also use this space for the purpose of persuasion, please don’t forget about Virtua Fighter 5 when it comes out on October 30th for the Xbox360 (sure, the VF series has never been massively popular in the U.S., but once this game goes online a lot could change).

In the meantime, what is Joyner Library to do with all of the equipment that it has purchased? Should it only be used every few months for events put on by the library?

My contention is that it would be best to use this equipment as much as possible and the best way to do this is to allow student access. Fall break might certainly have seen more student traffic in the library, for one, and with new student groups like Synergy coming together to help bridge the gap, students could start running their own gaming events at the library with minimal library staff involvement.

Of course, location would be an extremely important point of discussion since the library should always have a maximum amount of un-chaotic space suitable for studying. But even if we had time restraints on when students could check out a game system, they would still have the option of coming to the library to do just that (and the equipment would get used).

Just one example (of many) where this is indeed taking place is at the Information Commons at NCSU.

Here’s how they do it:

Video games and controllers are available for in-house, 4-hour checkout from the Learning Commons Service Desk. Consoles are available in the Learning Commons and West Wing, first floor, D. H. Hill Library.

And here’s a link to their website that has info about the systems and games that they have available:

So what does everyone think about Joyner doing this?


2 responses to “Much adieu? about game systems

  1. I for one would like the ability to come check out some games to try out with a few friends. I would feel much more comfortable doing this than I would attending a huge video game night. Plus, I could do it on a whim.

  2. This is great Mark. Keep it up. I am going to add your link to the Joyner Ten blog as well.

    This topic is something really close to us back here. We have mentioned checking out the consoles but we haven’t determined how we would do that yet. I see it as a definate possibility.

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