I am a librarian with interests in digital collections, archives, web services, and the emergence of electronic texts.

Please check out my personal website for more information:



One response to “About

  1. Dear Mr Custer


    Exists since april 15, 2010.

    Two goals: supporting Project Gutenberg (by producing e-text) and free e-literature on the web in general … and more (by linking to 600+ sites that matter, all over the world in many different languages – including general literature, poetry, Greek, Roman and Medieval, Art, Music, Audiobooks, Books and Literature in general, Research, Education and Scientific Publications).

    From the Projects page, check out a book you like to work on for a first or second round proofreading. Beginners are fully supported, people wanting to do more will be guided through the whole process – from scanning to pleasantly readable e-book.

    (Links will be more ordered thematically and by language in the near future…)

    As this might be of interest to people visiting your site, would you consider letting people know??

    Best Regards,

    Marc D’Hooghe

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