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NC EAD, part 2

Well, I was going to try to add all of these links to the freebase website, but I haven’t used that in so long that I forgot how to use it (but maybe I’ll get back to it another time).

In the meantime, I added all of my “NC EAD” bookmarks to the twine website instead.

Check it out, join, help it grow; it’s completely open, so do whatever.  Here’s the link:


The happiest Swede in Paris (and Nadal deserved better)

I’ll avoid making any puns, but how is it possible that I just had to watch THE greatest upset at the French Open this year (and possibly ever) on ustream?  The quality was so poor I could barely see where the tennis ball was, but at least I could witness part of the action.  I honestly would’ve waited to watch the match if it was broadcast anywhere on TV here, but it wasn’t even shown on the Tennis Channel.

I anxiously await the death of cable television.  Long live the illusion of “user control/interaction” that is the internet.

Done with puns

I have certainly abused the inherent quality of puns in my posts thus far, so I have given them up.

To celebrate, please enjoy this video: “A Fair(y) Use Tale”

…and by all means, share it with every student on campus and beyond.