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LITA Camp presentation on EAD

And here’s a much shorter post about LITA Camp so that I can post my presentation, post-hoc sytle.

I had arrived in Dublin ready to talk about the EAD redesign project that I’m currently involved with at ECU.  However, there wasn’t anyone in attendance that worked exclusively in Special Collections or Archives, so I opted to attend a breakout session on Institutional Repositories rather than to host my own on EAD.

After the conference, I figured that I’d just post a link to my powerpoint presentation.  However, the powerpoint that I prepared was pretty useless without my notes attached, so I then decided that I should record a shortened version for a screencast.  And here’s the result:

And, in order to be a good creative commons citizen — since I skipped my last powerpoint slide in the screencast — here’s a list of the images that I used:

If you have any comments or questions, just let me know.


Goodbye, Columbus; Farewell, COTA

LITA Camp is long over now (it ended on May 8th), but I’m just finally getting around to adding a post about it.  Though it would’ve been ideal if the “un”conference hadn’t had such a hefty registration fee attached to it, it was still a nice couple of days to network with a bunch of interesting librarians whom I had never met before.

Also, though Dublin seems to be a really nice town, transportation to and from the airport was less than ideal (especially for me, since I opted to stay in Ohio until Saturday in order to see a bit more of a Columbus while I was there).  Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for the horrible website that is COTA (the Central Ohio Transit Authority).

Perhaps I am a little slow, but just one small tweak that could make those PDF bus routes a lot easier to use on one’s own would be to include some “ante” and “post” meridian notation!  Or, heck, even using military time would make things a lot less ambiguous, and slightly more user-friendly.  Here’s an example of a problem that I encountered, putting me on the wrong side of the meridian and stuck downtown without a bus back to Dublin:


Fun to twist your head and read, right?  Well, to make a long story short, I could’ve avoided getting stuck had this particular excerpt included “am” next to each of those times.  Though I was able to travel down to Columbus early that evening, that same bus did not run back uptown at night (and I had unwisely assumed that I could get hitch a ride back at the 7:42 stop).

Aside from that misfortune, I did get to see a few other interesting sights and signs while in Dublin/Columbus, a few of which I’ll post below.  First, you’ve got OCLC’s headquarter’s sign, captured pretty poorly with my camera phone:


And then you’ve got, what must be, the most active pedestrians in Dublin, Ohio:


As for the funniest piece of graffiti that I encountered, I’ll bestow that honor on this alley-side image:


And finally, the out-right winner for what was clearly the best sign that I saw during my trip:


A sophisticated treat, indeed; but, sadly, it was one that I opted not to partake in during my time there.  Next time, though, Columbus!